• Perfect ACT, Perfect Family!
    Perfect ACT, Perfect Family! Yesterday I had the honor to interview the family of Brad Schlager, a high school senior from Union City, TN, who earned a perfect ACT score a few months ago. The Union County Schools Communications Director Mr. Mike Hutchens said, “By all accounts, Brad Schlager is the perfect student. He now … Read More
  • Parenting: Helicopter vs. Gardener
    As parents, we want the best for our children, right? We want them to have good physical health, to have good behavior, and to achieve academic success, among other things. However, have we considered our parenting styles? Are we “Helicopters” or “Gardeners” in terms of parenting? The former, “Helicopter” parenting, is a term that was coined in … Read More
  • Celebrity Parenting Tips
    You might be curious about how celebrities raise their children. Recently, some of the top celebrity parents shared their parenting tips. For example, Hilary Duff learned the hard way that parents should always pack extra clothes not just for their children but also for themselves…

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