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Dr. Echo Hensley (or Dr. Echo Wu)

Echo Wu

Parenting Best Kids

After many years of thinking and hesitating, finally, I am the proud founder of ParentingBestKids (PBK)! 

A professor of Gifted Education, I studied Language, Education, then Gifted Education in Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Charlottesville, VA. I received my Ph.D. degree from Curry School of Education and the National Center for Research on Gifted Education at the University of Virginia. I have over 25 years of teaching & research experience on Gifted Education. During the years, I interviewed hundreds of parents & children (including 20 Nobel Prize winners and over 50 Harvard alumni). I have also published many research articles and 4 books on parenting, from a variety of perspectives and cultures, including Chinese, Jewish, American etc. 

My two wonderful children have grown up to be successful young adults. They have been my inspiration in all these years to dedicate myself to gifted education. They have also helped sparkle the idea of building up this website of my own, so I can reach out and help other parents and children by sharing what I have learned through many years of teaching and practicing. On this website, I will communicate with parents, grandparents, researchers or anyone interested in parenting, and share the ideas of best practice of parenting from both scientific research discoveries as well as my own experience and knowledge as a mother and educator of gifted children in the past decades. 

Soon my first valuable PBK product package will be ready for everyone. Please stay tuned and keep in touch! 

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