Perfect ACT, Perfect Family!

echohensley123 on August 12, 2021 0 Comments

Perfect ACT, Perfect Family!

Yesterday I had the honor to interview the family of Brad Schlager, a high school senior from Union City, TN, who earned a perfect ACT score a few months ago. The Union County Schools Communications Director Mr. Mike Hutchens said, “By all accounts, Brad Schlager is the perfect student. He now has (the perfect) ACT score to prove it.” 

What a beautiful and remarkable family! Mom Leigh, dad Dave, their daughters Sarah & Kate, and their son Brad, all had such amazing stories and advice to share! Not only the three young adults/teenagers are excelling at school academically, they are all very happy, mature and well-developed social-emotionally! Certainly have high IQs & EQs.

“Be confident in yourself.” “Never give up.” “Dream your own dreams, not others.” “Be present, but not overkilling.” “Be supportive but give them the freedom to be independent…” These are just a small part of the insight shared by the family through our two-hour conversation.

Thank you so much, Schlager family! Your stories are inspirational and motivating, and I cannot wait to share more about the interview with other parents and children in my upcoming parenting book and my website blog!

Dr. Hensley

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